Nduka Anyanwu Foundation Empowers Young Lady, Keyna with N100,000 to Start a Small-Scale Business

In a commendable act of philanthropy and support for youth entrepreneurship, the Nduka Anyanwu Foundation has made a significant impact by empowering a young lady named Keyna with 100,000 naira to kickstart her small-scale business.

This initiative aligns with the foundation’s ongoing commitment to fostering economic independence and entrepreneurial spirit among young people in Nigeria.

Empowering Youth Through Financial Support

The Nduka Anyanwu Foundation, renowned for its dedication to uplifting underprivileged youths, takes another step forward by providing Keyna with the financial backing she needs to transform her business aspirations into reality.

This strategic investment not only underscores the foundation’s mission but also highlights the importance of economic empowerment as a tool for social change.

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