Nduka Anyanwu Foundation retrieves Debate Competition first edition trophy, awards scholarship to victorious students, set for second edition (Video)


In an inspiring move aimed at fostering educational excellence and promoting intellectual growth among students, the Nduka Anyanwu Foundation on May 14, 2024 conducted a commendable event where they retrieved the trophy from the winners of the first edition of the Nduka Anyanwu Foundation Debate Competition. This landmark event was held at Berthrand Okonkwo Memorial Secondary School. The foundation also awarded scholarships to the victorious students, marking a significant step in their educational journey. As part of the preparations for the upcoming second edition of the debate competition, the foundation has called upon all secondary schools in Mbaise to gear up for participation.

Retrieving the Trophy from Berthrand Okonkwo Memorial Secondary School

The trophy retrieval event was a momentous occasion, symbolizing the culmination of the first edition’s success and setting the stage for future competitions. The Nduka Anyanwu Foundation emphasized the importance of the debate competition in promoting critical thinking, public speaking skills, and intellectual rigor among students. The trophy, which stood as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students from Berthrand Okonkwo Memorial Secondary School, was retrieved in a ceremonious event attended by students, teachers, and community leaders.

Awarding Scholarships to Victorious Students

In a gesture that underscores the foundation’s commitment to supporting education, scholarships were awarded to the three victorious students of the first debate competition. The foundation’s representatives highlighted that these scholarships are not just rewards for winning the competition but also investments in the future leaders of the community.

Preparation for the Second Edition of the Debate Competition

As the foundation gears up for the second edition of the debate competition, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation among students and educators alike. The success of the inaugural event has set a high standard, and the foundation is committed to making the upcoming competition even more impactful and inclusive.

Call to Action for Secondary Schools in Mbaise

The Nduka Anyanwu Foundation has issued a call to action to all secondary schools in Mbaise, urging them to prepare for participation in the forthcoming debate competition. This invitation is an opportunity for schools to showcase their students’ debating skills and intellectual capabilities on a larger platform. The foundation believes that by involving more schools, they can foster a spirit of healthy competition and mutual respect among students from different educational backgrounds.

The Importance of Debate Competitions in Education

Debate competitions play a crucial role in the holistic development of students. They encourage critical thinking, enhance communication skills, and promote a deeper understanding of various social, political, and economic issues. The Nduka Anyanwu Foundation recognizes these benefits and is dedicated to providing platforms where students can engage in meaningful discourse.

Building Confidence and Leadership Skills

Participating in debate competitions helps students build confidence and develop leadership skills. By presenting their arguments in front of an audience, students learn to articulate their thoughts clearly and persuasively. This experience is invaluable, as it prepares them for future roles in academia, professional careers, and civic life.

Encouraging Diversity of Thought

Debate competitions also encourage diversity of thought by exposing students to different perspectives and viewpoints. This exposure is essential in fostering an inclusive and open-minded educational environment. The Nduka Anyanwu Foundation aims to create a space where students can freely express their ideas and engage in constructive dialogue.


The Nduka Anyanwu Foundation’s recent activities underscore their unwavering commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for students in Mbaise. By retrieving the trophy from Berthrand Okonkwo Memorial Secondary School and awarding scholarships to the victorious students, the foundation is not only celebrating past achievements but also paving the way for future successes. As preparations for the second edition of the debate competition get underway, the foundation’s call to action for all secondary schools in Mbaise to participate is a testament to their vision of fostering a vibrant and intellectually engaged student community.

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